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Modification — Your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage may need to be modified upon showing a substantial change in circumstances, in order to increase or decrease to child support, spousal support, or alimony, and time sharing or other child-related issues.

Modifications are necessary when there has been a change as to your employment/income, to either increase or decrease support obligations, or when issues arise that seriously affect the time-sharing/custody arrangement stipulated in the Final Judgment.

Enforcement of a Final Judgment becomes an issue when a party has willfully failed to comply with specifics ordered by the Court. If either party has failed to pay child support or other spousal support or has willfully interfered with time sharing/visitation with the children, we are experienced in filing Motions for Contempt/Enforcement on behalf of our clients.

Our Lawyers are experienced in both Modifying and Enforcing Final Judgments.

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