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Ocala, Florida

Mark D. Shelnutt, PA
Mark D. Shelnutt Mediation & Consulting
Florida Supreme Court Family Law Certified Mediator

Mark Shelnutt brings more than 40 years of practice experience to individuals throughout North Central Florida. He understands the importance of experienced advice and the explanation of the law and legal process as it applies to you and your situation and circumstances.  Shelnutt focuses on helping you move forward through your divorce or other family law issue. 

The goal of mediation is to come to an agreement between the parties, achieved through confidential negotiations, effective communication and experienced, informative dialogue.  The path of mediation helps to mitigate the costly fees of a trial and allows you to keep the control of the outcome instead of letting a judge decide your future.  Many divorcing couples continue to function as a family, just in a new way.  

Mediation puts you on the path to working together and helps you avoid an arena based on conflict. 

By acting as mediator, he performs a crucial function by overcoming obstacles that block the parties reaching an agreement.  Mark's extensive family law experience gives him unique perspectives so that he can offer suggestions and creative solutions to difficult problems that can exist in family law matters. 

We utilize two conference rooms, which ensures privacy and eliminates parties feeling uncomfortable during the process.

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